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tv   9 News Now at Noon  CBS  September 5, 2012 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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tonight democratic national convention speeches feature one president promoting another. thank you for joining us.
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i'm jc hayward. president obama is arriving in charlotte this afternoon. it's not certain whether he will make a surprise appearance with former president bill clinton, but first lady michele obama told the comp convention last -- the convention last night that being president reveals who you are. >> reporter: former president bill clinton takes the stage tonight to pick up where first lady michele obama left off. delegates are revved up and ready for more. >> he's bill clinton. it's like madonna. there's this aura about him. >> reporter: he remains immensely influential in the party and is expected to target democrats who have struggled the last four years and may be on the defense about reelecting president obama. >> he will lay out a little bit of history with regard to this president, and he's going to affirm he's on the right path. >> reporter: president obama had been scheduled to deliver
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his acceptance speech to 74,000 people at annual outdoor stadium thursday night, but because of the threat of severe weather, convention planners decided this morning the president will speak here. democrats packed the hall last night for the first lady's speech. >> i have seen firsthand that being president doesn't change who you are. no, it reveals who you are. >> reporter: president obama watched it from the white house with his two daughters. some delegates were brought to tears. >> it was great. it was inspiring. i'm fired up, ready to go. >> she is a role model for a first lady, and i'm very proud to be here. >> reporter: the president arrives in charlotte this afternoon. randall pinkston, cbs news, charlotte. maryland governor martin o'malley spoke to iowa delegates at the democratic national convention this morning. he urged them to get behind president obama over the next two months. the popular refrain for the
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republicans is, are you better off than you were four years ago? vice presidential nominee paul ryan was in ohio yesterday, and he criticized president obama's record on creating jobs. and he compared him to president jimmy carter. >> when it comes to jobs, president obama makes the jimmy carters years look like good ole days. if we fired jimmy carter then, why would we rehire barack obama now? >> paul ryan is campaigning in iowa, a key swing state. and mitt romney continues preparing for the presidential debate. concern is spreading on capitol hill where another person has been attacked. this is the second beating in that area in about three weeks. it happened around 2:30 a.m. yesterday morning. a man was mugged by two men near north carolina avenue and
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3rd street southeast. the attackers had a gun. they demanded money and they beat the victim. fortunately his injuries are minor but neighbors are on alert. >> i'm very concerned. we walk around here at night all the time. it's scary because this is generally a safe area. >> obviously concerned. we're pretty close to the capitol. this doesn't happen very often. >> the victim of last month's attack is improving. thomas maslin is listed in fair condition. he was attacked near eastern market. volunteers are coming to the aid of a prince william county community that was devastated by floods. the holy acres mobile home park was nearly wiped off the map last year by tropical storm lee. volunteers from project mend a house are helping restore half a dozen homes. and they will take care of about 10,000 -- $10,000 in repairs. preparations are complete
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for a local salute to astronaut neil armstrong. a memorial service is going to be held at the washington national cathedral on thursday, september 13. it will begin at 10:00 a.m. a limited number of tickets will be available to the public. the cathedral houses a rock from the moon that was presented to the church by apollo 11 astronauts back in 1974. well, it's time to start making weekend plans. mark your calendar for saturday. that's the day of the ninth annual silver spring jazz festival. and right now marcus johnson, one of the jazz musicians performing on saturday is in our circle. he's giving a free concert. our own derek mcginty is there and he's enjoying the show. >> reporter: hi, jc. it's tough to hear because the music is so jazzy and so smooth. marcus johnson has joined us on the circle right outside wusa9.
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he's been entertaining our guests for about the last 35 minutes or so he's going to be here till 1:00. if you're -- if you like what you're hearing from marcus right now, feel free to go to where we're streaming is live even as we speak. what's more, as you mentioned, he will be at the silver spring jazz festival in downtown silver spring. it lasts from 4:30 to 10:00 this saturday night. it's a little cloudy but the music i think is holding the rain off. we're going to hop it does that till 1:00 at least, because marcus is going to be here all afternoon. in ten minutes or so, i'm going to have a conversation with marcus johnson. i can tell you for sure, he is the hardest working man in the music business. we'll talk to him about all that in just a few minutes. he may have a surprise announcement or two as well. we'll see you then, jc. wç
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the transportation security administration is testing drinks bought by travelers after they had been screened at check points and waiting for flights. this video shows tsa agents testing drinks in the airport in columbus, ohio. it was taken over the labor day weekend. the agency says the policy of randomly checking drinks near airport gates has been in place for about five years. however, the video is generating new criticism that the tsa has gone too far.
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well, do you think the tsa has gone too far? leave a comment on our website, an election night rally took a violent turn in montreal last night. a gunman opened fire in a crowd as the new leader of quebec was delivering her victory speech. terrell brown has a closer look at what happened. >> reporter: celebrating her election as quebec's first female premier, pauline marois's security guards quickly rushed her off stage. the gunningman set a fire outside before police caught him. one victim died in the theater. another was critically wounded. a heavy set man in his 50s, the shooter was wearing a ski mask and a blue bathrobe. he was heard shouting in a mix of english and french. the anglos are waking up. there's going to be payback.
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it's enough, want to make trouble. it's not clear if he was trying to shoot marois but the attack could be politically motivated. marois is the political leader of the quebec separatists who for years aimed to secede from canada. the firing started after marois started speaking in english, something rarely done. after the shooter was arrested. marois returned to the stage and calmly asked her supporters to leave peacefully. >> i want to tell you from the bottom of my heart, thank you for being there with me tonight. thank you. >> reporter: for cbs this morning, terrell brown, new york. political violence is extremely rare in canada. murder levels are about one- third of what they are here in the until. seven people are nursing injuries that they received in a boating accident. dramatic video shows that the boaters were knocked to the
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floor after vessel when it hit a large wake. it happened on the lake of the ozarks in missouri. everybody on the boat was knocked off their feet. five people had to be taken to a nearby hospital and several had broken bones. a massachusetts man is being hailed as a hero after saving an elderly man who drove into a pool. tom sheflo drove into the pool -- he actually dove into the pool and he pulled out an 85- year-old driver. the driver was in the chevy impala. this happened yesterday afternoon in malden, massachusetts. investigators are looking into the cause of this crash. the driver was taken to a nearby hospital but he's expected to be okay. marcus is johnson is lead -- marcus johnson is leading the concert in the circle. we'll speak to this local
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legend when we come back. ñ
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we have an idea for you for
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a fun filled family weekend. saturday is the silver spring jazz festival. it occurs from 4:30 to 10:00 in the heart of downtown silver spring at veterans plaza. there will be something for everyone to enjoy. guess what? right now we can give you a taste of what you can expect. our derek mcginty is outside in our circle with local jazz great marcus johnson. give him a kiss for me, derek. >> reporter: i am not going to give him a kiss for you, jc. however, i will pass on the sentiment. like you said, marcus johnson is here with us. he's ban playing about -- he's been playing about 45 minutes. he has about another 45 minutes to play. come on down and enjoy the music. the rain is holding off which is a good thing. we'll have to ask topper and howard about that one. in the meantime, marcus, welcome. glad to have you here. >> glad to be here. >> reporter: i've got to ask you, first of all, you are one
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of the founders of the silver spring jazz festival. it's been going on for nine years. talk about how that came together. >> we had a meeting in one of my buddy's living rooms talking about doing something in silver spring. he said i know exactly who you need to speak w. we had a meeting with susan hoffman. at the time she was heading the silver spring marketing board. she was like, i think it's an excellent idea. it's kind of a testament to silver spring and the way we stick together. the police came in, blocked off the streets. we got permits and the silver spring jazz festival was born. >> reporter: you went to montgomery blare high school, a local boy done good so it all connects for you. you got a nice write-up in "the washington post" over the weekend. i didn't know about your business background and how much you had to work to bring that together with your music and to make a living at doing something when the industry has taken a lot of hits. >> definitely. i tell you it's really hard. we just launch add new wine
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brand. specifically in this area it's about extending brands nationwide but in this area, our partners like virginia imports, making sure we get into giant food and harris teeter and people going out there and getting them. again, it's that community that has supported us, that has allowed us to get in about 2,000 stores nationwide. i tell everybody and it says it in the article, if you think that you are not in business as the c.e.o. of your brand, you're fooling yourself. >> you've managed to make that work. like i said at a time when the music business has taken a lot of hits. where do you see marcus johnson headed at this point? you have the wines. you've got the cds, the music. sooner or later you've got to want to sit back for a minute. >> then you have the lounges and the hotels. i don't know what rest is. like i said -- i smiled when i
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read the post because my dad taught me how to win by being a hustler. it's a testament to having a great father, great step parents, great mother and great friends. great inspirations like you. >> reporter: get out of here. we should note there's going to abnew johnson on the face of the earth pretty soon. you have an announcement? >> little girl. her name is chase. she's not here yet. we're on countdown. my phone is on. i'm expected. she'll be right there. i have my britax seat and the doll. >> reporter: another reason to make it big time. marcus johnson, thank you so much. remember the silver spring jazz festival this saturday 4:30 to 10:00 in the heart of silver spring. be there. check out the rest of marcus johnson's concert either here or we'll stream it for you online. back to you. >> thank you, marcus and derek. we're at 4100 wisconsin avenue northwest so come on down and you can hear marcus.
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>> just south of nebraska by a couple of blocks. weather wise, the rain is going to hold off at least till 1:00 and maybe through mid afternoon here. looks like the better chances will be south of town a little later. we'll get through most of the day all right. i want to start with the allergy update. it's been a rough week for those folks who suffer from allergens. things are bopping up and down a little bit. grass is back moderate but weeds got high, mold moderate and tree pollen is there. it's in the low category. this afternoon look for clouds and sun mixing with a chance for a couple of storms or showers popping here and there as we get into the mid and latter part of the afternoon. we'll make a run into the upper 80s, maybe near 90 degrees with 87 at 5:00. southwesterly winds at 10 miles an hour. even this evening we can't rule out the threat of spotty showers but most of it i think will be south of washington. we'll only be dipping into the mid-70s tonight. we've been watching some showers and storms up in new england, southeast pennsylvania, southwestern virginia. and just in the last little while, we've seen one lone
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shower. you see it pop up. i'm just zoom in and show you where it is here. otherwise a nice quiet day out there. a warm one. we're up 2086 already at national -- to 86 already at national airport. 80 in leesburg. the humidity levels are high. we have 82 in easton. 84 in the northern neck. also 85 degrees in fred rigsburg. as we look outside on our weather cam, you'll notice lots of clouds, some breaks but still mostly cloudy on the sky conditions with 86. feeling like 92, the heat index, thanks to the humidity which is way up. 63%. dew point in the 70s. you could be in oklahoma or texas where temperatures will approach 105 today. did you see the mid-70s in the northern plains? we'll watch that cooler air get here later in the weekend and early next week. in the meantime severe thunderstorm watch till 5:00
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local time. indiana, illinois, those storms extend up into southern michigan. i think they're going to be headed really more toward ohio and kentucky and maybe into west virginia later on this afternoon and this evening. we're seeing some sun break out to our north and west. looking at the fought cast, there will be some -- futurecast, there will be spotty showers and thunderstorms. even 8:00 there might be something left over. by friday i think rain chances go down, at least for a day. here's the forecast. 89 today. spotty thunderstorms. tomorrow some scattered thunderstorms also, 93. it's going to be hotter. another hot one friday, 93. chance of storms friday, mainly east of the bay. by the weekend a front approaches saturday. that increases our storm chances. we're looking at temperatures then in the 80s. cooling off to 82 sunday with an early shower and then next week oh, boy does that look great. monday and tuesday high temperatures could be staying in the 70s. can't wait for that. we'll be back with more 9news now at noon in just a moment. ó 0
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are you ready for some replacement in n.f.l. referees? the men in stripes will be substitutes when the new york giants host the dallas cowboys. with the league locked in a labor dispute, the n.f.l. has hired replacement referees from colleges and high schools. this is the first game of the n.f.l. season and it's being played on a wednesday so that it will not interfere with president obama's speech to the democratic national committee. this is the first wednesday night game since 1948.
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on florida teenager is in jail for calling 911. he told the dispatcher he was calling because he had an odd dream and this was not the first time he called. >> what's your emergency? >> the officer told me not to come back. if i come back, you're all going to take me to court. so i'm calling back. >> because you want to go to jail? >> i have to prove something to my family. can you send an officer back? >> what city? what's your name? >> police say the teenager had been smoking synthetic marriage marriage known as k -- marijuana phone no k2. he was arrested for misusing the 911 system which is a misdemeanor. let's go back outside. begin begin is enjoying the concert in the circle. >> reporter: we're seriously getting our groove on here with
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marcus johnson playing for us today. it's been an amazing concert. it's not over yet. we still have another half-hour or so for those who may want to make a trip over to tinley town. this is his wine, flo red for the love of. i heard it's pretty tasty. he said i could have this one. maybe i'll find out at some point. in any case, it's been a great day. don't forget about the silver spring jazz festival saturday afternoon 4:30 to 10:00 in the heart of downtown silver spring. i'm derek mcginty and we are enjoying ourselves. back to you, jc. >> all right. we're located 4100 wisconsin avenue northwest. come down and see marcus johnson perform free live this afternoon. and then varies saturday all -- and then of course saturday you'll want to go to downtown silver spring. he is phenomenal. fabulous. thanks no being with us. enjoy the rest of the day. then come back and visit us at
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5:00. you can always go to our website
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